SESJ and Shane Language Services (SLS) offer a number of possibilities for TEFL teachers interested in living and working in this fast moving and exciting country. From regular 5-day a week full-time positions, to 3 and 4-day a week, to part-time positions. With respect to SLS positions, teachers may also specialise more in company, business, (private) home and exam preparation lessons.

Career Development

    As teachers acquire greater experience, promotional opportunities exist in more senior teaching roles, academic teacher management and support roles. There are also occasional openings in our Teacher Recruitment, Teacher Training and Course Design departments for those with an interested in and an aptitude for them.

    The larger schools can have over 300 students, whilst smaller schools may have as few as 100. All schools are equipped with lesson preparation texts and materials for teachers, whilst regional Head Offices provide access to a wider range of resources, photocopy machines and (through prior arrangement) access to on-line teaching aids, via the internet.

    Teaching staff are directly managed by a Director of Studies (DoS) who will also have, in most cases, an Assistant Director of Studies (ADoS).  All are native English speakers.

    School Staff are Japanese, though they do speak English! They deal with student enquiries and the day-to-day administration of the schools, including lesson scheduling.

    SESJ is comprised of two kinds of schools:

Teachers at the DTE schools and FC teach students of all ages and abilities, from 2 year old children to senior business executives.