• SES Japan offers teachers full support on both a pastoral as well as academic level to help teachers adjust and come to terms with everyday life in Japan.

  • Japanese Welfare Staff, Directors of Studies, School Managers and fellow teaching colleagues are all very approachable and have plenty of experience in assisting teachers.

  • In the initial first weeks, teachers are helped with visa processes, hospital visits, apartments, and opening bank accounts.

  • The company also organises social events for staff, with welcome parties paid for within region for all new arrivals. Other regular social events that the Company orgainises include; sumo wrestling (watching, not doing!), Japanese theatre, ski/snowboard trips, Tokyo boat cruise, Sapporo snow festival excursion, Shane football team. This compliments the strong teacher social network that exists in all the school locations.

  • There are plenty of opportunities to learn the language by taking a variety of classes both formal and informal that are advertised in magazines, local community cenrtes and on Head Office notice boards. These are often free of charge, and never prohibitively expensive.

On arrival, teachers may initially stay in temporary accommodation or, in some cases, move straight into long term accommodation in one of the apartments that SESJ organizes for teachers who request them. These apartments are not owned by the Company, but are rented and sub let to teachers. Of course, teachers who take advantage of this set up (which we very much encourage for applicants from outside Japan, due to the difficulty in organizing accommodation if you have no private contacts or Japanese language skills) are free to subsequently find their own accommodation (with the appropriate period of notice), should they wish to do so.